Monday, August 13, 2007

The Results

First off, polls are ever so much fun. It was kinda thrilling to have this decision out of my hands.

Secondly, the results. With 54% of the vote, Envy is the winner. Thank you all for participating. I appreciate the thought and honesty that went into your vote. (Hey, 2 voters thought I was nuts for even knitting stripy knee-highs...gotta love that!)

Thirdly, to all you Soothsayer fans (namely my non-knitting co-worker Patrick, who sent me a strongly worded e-mail on the advantages Soothsayer, specifically how it goes with my natural coloring vs. this "blonde phase" I am currently in)...don't fret. All is not lost for Soothsayer. I have a feeling if my Envy socks turn out, Soothsayer will have a good shot at becoming knee-highs too.


Meredith Whitney said...

you are so adorable i can't even believe you are my best friend!!!

sulafaye said...

Hurray for envy! Can't wait to see them (knee socks don't take very long, right??)

Anonymous said...

Well, even though I voted for Soothsayer, I congratulate Envy. She will make lovely knee highs, too!