Friday, May 16, 2008

Hi from Scandi-land!

I know I promised a post about the Lake District, but then Erin came into town and threw off my whole schedule. Typical.

JK! I am so excited that Erin is here. We are in Scandinavia right now. In fact, you can check out what we have been up to in her post here.

I know it is weak sauce to point you to her post. But I have only 3 minutes left at the internet cafe. So I promise more details and more adventures to come.


Heidelweiss said...

Well. I already told Erin I'm the jealousest person on earth. I've turned green. I can't imagine what fun your having. I really hope the McDonalds trip was amazing-what a value! I ate at McDonalds in Venice, Munich and London-it's against my rules too but sometimes you're just so freaking hungry you can't stand it! Shame on me! I need pictures!

Steve said...

By the way, happy birthday a few days ago. If you ever come back we can celebrate! Go Norland!

Heidelweiss said...

Oh for crying out loud-that was me.

tiennie said...

I know you're having a great time! Can't wait to see the pics!

Adam and Bri said...

I'm totally, absolutely jealous. And I therefore command you to talk about me at least three times a day. You can share your favorite Sneezers anecdote or think about my shiny gold hair. Perhaps you could talk about my dimples.

But whatever you do, get talking! Miss me, darn it!

Nicole said...

Kara...this is Nicole Cornelius (Steck) from Freshman year at BYU!!! I found your blog through Julie's and was so excited to see what you've been up to! You are quite the world traveler and I must say, I wish that I could've taken a turn about the pump room with you and catch up, but I guess this will have to suffice. :) I hope you have fun in Scandinavia!!!

P.S. Email me at