Sunday, May 29, 2011

Over the (Jordan) River and through the (not really) woods my brother's house we go. This saturday I decided to set a goal: to go from my door to my brother's door by bicycle. A trip that is about 14 miles one-way and most of it on bicycle parkways. Seemed a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

I thought I would give you a little picture tour of my ride. So yeah, lots of pictures ahead.

First off, I had to decide what to wear for this long ride. I am not comfortable being too sporty-looking or all lycra-ed out--it's just not me. At the same time I wanted to be comfortable and nimble. So I decided on this casual jersey dress.

People on the trail, with their jerseys and gear, may look at me in a dress and a pink polka dot helmet and think I'm sooo not hardcore. But they would be wrong. I am undercover hardcore. See?

Under my dress were my new Pearl Izumi Attack Shorts that I picked up at the REI anniversary sale. They are my first pair of padded shorts and thought they would be a nice asset to this ride. Plus, I am still breaking in that Brooks saddle, so I need all the help I can get.

It was then time to head off. I live in downtown Salt Lake City, so as I passed Temple Square, I decided to stop and smell the always gorgeous flowers.

Then I made my way through the streets of SLC to hook up with my old friend, the Jordan River Parkway.

Jordan River Parkway

Between the Jordan River Parkway and the Legacy Parkway Trail, was a un-paved gravelly bit. It was actually quite beautiful, but I think Betty and her tires really missed the asphalt.

Gravelly in-between


Random Meadow

Blue water, Blue Sky

Self portrait

Grainy Salt Lake City in the distance
A grainy view of downtown SLC.

After that, I connected with the Legacy Parkway Trail. You probably don't remember, but this parkway will take me straight to my brother's house. It's the parkway that I ride with my nieces.

Legacy Parkway

Legacy Parkway and mountains

After a little bit, I reached my turn.

My turn

And then my destination, where my brother had his legendary chocolate chip cookies waiting for me.


Overall, I found the ride very doable. And can see myself doing it often. But why wouldn't I when I have such great incentives at the destination?

The Kiddles

The only hole in my plan? I had to do it all over again to get home.


Simply Bike said...

What a lovely bike ride! And I've totally thought of doing the same thing: wearing padded shorts under a comfortable jersey or cotton dress for longer rides. Perfect combo!


Chantal Boucher said...

I go biking whenever i have a little 30 minutes, so i never change, skirt, dress, pants, i just don't mind. Time is precious, i don't want to lose any minutes! But it is so bad, because it rains so much lately in my Quebec! I love your bike (what is it?) and your helmet... i love it! I never wear an helmet, but yours i would! Have a nice week end! Your blog is really nice, the pictures awsome.

Pam said...

That's a beautiful ride! I just got a "new" bike and it's at the shop getting tricked out. Can't wait to pick it up later today and go for a ride. Oh, and I wear my padded shorts under everything.

Carolyn said...

What a gorgeous ride! I'm so jealous of your beautiful parks and bike trails!

Adam and Bri said...

you're totally hardcore. great pics! great destination!

caknitter said...

Thanks for taking us along such a fun bike ride.

Emma said...

What a fab view of the mountains *jealous* It looks like a fantastic bike ride, especially if you have sweet rewards at your destination!

Maryse said...

Such a lovely ride! Very great view!

Jill said...

You are my hero. It does sound like the perfect Saturday activity. Thanks for all the pretty pictures too!

Amy said...

I just LOVE seeing those mountains in all your photos. You're in my husbands old stomping grounds. He keeps saying the he needs to take me out there sometime so I can see what real mountains look like. :)

Sigrid said...

I love lycra, but not in all situations. I do the same as you, tuck a pair discretely under shorts, pants, or skirts for longer city rides as needed. I made a skirt before I really knew how to sew, and this year plan to get a Patagonia skirt to pair with my lycra shorts because I love all things Patagonia and the skirt I am looking at will breathe in the heat (when it finally comes).

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

how lucky that you picked a day without rain...not an easy thing lately!? the beautiful pics almost make me want to venture out...if only I could have those cute kids and chocolate chip cookies to look forward too? i think we need a bake-off between your "B" and my "B" someday!

Kenoshia said...

That's awesome! It's not very safe to ride bikes where I live, despite the 'share the road' signs. It looks like loads of fun!

Elisa M said...

Such a beautiful ride!

ali said...

yeah, that ride home's a killer ;)

Sue said...

Awesome! I hope you had a comfy ride with the Pearl Izumi shorts.

Durrett Family Band said...

What a wonderful welcoming committee! It looks like a beautiful ride. Wish I could have come along. Why, oh, why do I live in this barren wasteland so far away from anything beautiful?

Jacey said...

So much fun! I just love your adventure posts, Kara. And chocolate chip cookies sound like the perfect treat after a long bike ride!

Better Living said...

28 miles ROUND TRIP? I am a worm compared to you.

Jessica C--The Happy and Healthy Blog said...

What a lovely ride! And yes, the cookies and kiddos at the end are surely great incentive to keep pedaling for miles!

I just saw that Pearly Izumi has a new bike dress and skirt on the market... They are made of spandex, but the skirt is sort of a-line (a pair of detachable bike shorts fits underneath). The dress has a built in bra. I'm thinking it'll be a good option for long rides on those really hot days, which are well on their way!

knitseashore said...

Your first pair of Pearl Izumi shorts!! Go Kara!! I love mine, as comfortable as can be for those long rides. (Unfortunately, I hang with the "adapt or die" type of cyclists aka road racers, and it's not fun). Lycra is not my favorite fabric, but I've come to accept it. Denim on longer rides = torture.

I don't know if you're familiar with Terry, but they have some cute cycling clothes. I have the black miniskirt to wear over shorts if we go to touristy, non-cycling places so people don't stare. Here is the page with some cute dresses/skirts:

Have fun!!

KnitPastis said...

I admire you in so many ways. So glad I took my time looking at this post and taking it all in. I wished we lived where we had mountains before. I would promise to take my bike for a ride instead of letting the tires go flat while it sits in our garage year after year of living here. You keep doing everything you are doing. I hope that one day I get motivated to craft again and excerise:)


You are amazing. Seriously. I was supposed to go on a date tonight but being in on a Friday night reading your blog is so much better. But I am exhausted now. How do you do all of these fantastic projects?! xo