Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to be idle.

1. Stay in your pajamas until an embarrassing hour. If you have been out of town for work all week, you will have a lot of personal business to attend to (i.e., freeing up space on that DVR of yours.)

2. Assess how much you "really" need to get done today. Justify ditching all errands that are not time sensitive. That includes replacing the expired milk in the fridge. It can all wait for another day. But for that one must-do errand, go by bike.

A wall for Betty Foy

Tip: If you must run an errand, try to pick a store that matches your bike.

3. Barely do your hair.

Hair Schmair

4. Barely get dress. This outfit should consist of the most comfy casual items in your wardrobe. Some examples include: a jersey cardi, t-shirt, yoga pants, and toms shoes.

Sloppy on topComfy on bottom

The key to pulling this outfit off in the wild is to act like you are on your way to attend, nay teach, an intense Yogalates session.

5. Be too lazy to make yourself lunch. So buy some gelato instead.

Bike fuel

Hey, teaching a fake Yogalates class, burns a lot of calories. 


anniebikes said...

You didn't say how far the gelateria was...if it was only around the block, then there you go! It really was an idling day.

Thanks for the laughs.

Maryse said...

I've been pretty lazy too today... I've done the one thing I really wanted to get done though. It's so tough when it's cloudy like today! Got some knitting done too, but then had to undo half of it :-( Oh well!!!

Adam and Bri said...

the yogalates reference made me so happy. OC forever!

LOVE lazy days.

ali said...

thanks for the tutorial, I'll get right on it!

caknitter said...

Idle is the way to go sometimes. ;-)
It's great to know there are others like me in the world. Lol

Anonymous said...

You are adorable whether impersonating a yoga teacher, or not! Always nice to read your posts, thanks for the smile!

margene said...

Nicely done! You know the right way to live.

Carolyn said...

You crack me up! I love this post!

Heidelweiss said...

Long live idleness (at least a day of it every now and then)

Tina Boscha said...

Ha! This is a perfect description. And, it makes me want to have that kind of day. Wait a minute - I already AM wearing yoga pants! But sigh, no Tom's shoes or gelato.... yet!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a perfect day Kara! I'd be jealous but well, I followed your advice. ;-) Post more stuff, I <3 your blog! - Judy May!

Jacey said...

Love it. Your helmet is super fabulous, and I want to steal that gelato of yours.

Kimberly Ann Petersen said...

This is like my most favorite post ever.