Thursday, November 3, 2011

One of my most favorite things to see in the city...

My best friend from high school, Jacqueline.

No matter where we are in our lives, or how long it has been since we talked, we always just pick up where we left off--being the "silly, tall, and awkward girls" that we are.

Because Jacqueline is a avid reader of this blog and I uber love her, I gave her a pair of Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves. Immediately she said, we have to do a photo shoot for your blog! 

The artsy hand shot
The "Surprised" look
The "Claws"
The "Vogue"
The "Thinker"
The Peek-a-Boo

Can you see why we are friends?


Stacy said...

Awesome - both your friend and the gloves - just pure awesome!

Maryse said...

I hope I can make these little gloves one day! They are so cute and must be so much fun to make! Seems like you did have a lot of fun during this photoshoot! ;-)

Jacqueline said...

HA! I just saw this posting and have to say that I am HONORED to now be a part of this fabulous blog. Truly honored. The gloves were SO CUTE with my outfit this morning (I may have selected the outfit around the gloves...) and they mean so much more to me because they were made by you, dear kindred spirit! LOVE YOU SISTER SOUL! (and love, love, love the photo shoot. Hilarious, and all fueled by massive cheese consumption!)

Anonymous said...

Don't know which is sweeter - the gloves or seeing your friend!

Jacey said...

I can definitely see why you are friends. The pictures are awesome!