Friday, December 30, 2011

Rope Bangles

I really hope you all had a lovely holiday this year. I definitely did.

For a couple of gifts this year, I decided to go the homemade route. I found this tutorial for making rope bangles on the Crafts Dept. blog at Martha Stewart.

All in a row

Cute, right?!

Of course this project required me to buy my first glue gun. (Shocking, I know. You would assume I would be a glue gun owner already.) And wouldn't you know, I had to buy the glue gun with the most pizazz.

New glue gun
Hot pink? Check. Leopard print? Check.

These bangles are so fun to make because of all the ways you can use the rope to make a design--knots, braids, twists--they all turn out fab!

Rope before it was bangle-fied

After creating the basic bracelet shape, I used fabric stiffener to make them well, stiff. Then I gilded on the gold and copper. Painting on the metallic colors was my favorite part. I felt like King Midas turning ordinary objects into gold treasures. And my fingers sure looked liked his afterwards.

Rope bangle
Fancy two-tone bangle. I am got very ambitious. 

So there you have it, fun, fashionable, and oh so stackable. And the best thing, they were as delightful to give away as they were to make.

Rope bangles


Anonymous said...

Beautful and fashionable! I bet the recipients were thrilled!

anniebikes said...

I am always amazed at what you make. I just discovered there is such a thing as a twined kickstand. I bet you could make a golden-twined one. Nice project.

Better Living said...

The recipients WERE thrilled! They're so very cool. :)

Windybrook Spinner said...

Very interesting. I like them a lot. What a fun gift!

Stacy said...

Very cute! I bet they were admired for sure.


I was so thrilled to get not 1 BUT 2!!!! That Kara, so crafty and with a glue gun, watch out.

Jessica C--The Happy and Healthy Blog said...

LOVE these! I'm getting crafty this winter too--will have to add this to my list. That glue gun is hysterical!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Oh I love these bangles and how you changed them up to metallic. and your glue gun is just perfect. It's nice to have pretty tools to work with.

ali said...

very cool, and I love the gun.