Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorable ride on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, my family got together at my brother's house an awesome BBQ dinner. And do you know the best way to work off fab food like Teriyaki Burgers, baked beans, and punch? Go for a family bike ride.

So Emma and Ellie (nieces), Bri (sis), Adam (bro-in-law), and lil' Maggie (niece)--remember our fist bike ride together?!--grabbed our bikes and hit the Legacy Parkway trail right behind my brother's house. Mother Nature was nice enough to provide a cool breeze and beautiful lighting courtesy of the sunset.

Our merry band of misfits

Riding along Legacy
Acting natural as I take a gazillion photos.

Stopping to see the horses
Stopping to smell the horses

Me and my shadow

Ellie and the mountains

Maggie and her boomerang. Why a boomerang? The girl wants what she wants. 

Bri rocking the pink stripes

Ellie and her trusty steed
Ellie and her trusty steed. She loves her bike. Even her shirt says so.

"J'aime ma bicyclette." Starting them young.
"J'aime ma Bicyclette." Guess who bought her that shirt?

Thumbs up
Thumbs up from Emma

Emma heading home

An honest to goodness panda shot on Libby

And of course, Adam had to show off his mad bike skillz. Who would let a baby carrier slow them down? Not Adam.

So yeah, a great Memorial day. Because there's just something extra memorable when you can ride bikes with some of your most favorite people.

Happy Aunt
One happy aunt!

PS--Tomorrow is the Little Red Riding Hood ride. Wow, that came up fast. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I will be sure to post all about the ride in the next few days. In the meantime, wish me luck!


Amy said...

I don't understand why the children are wearing helmets and the adults are not.

Trisha said...

What nice pictures for a special ride with family. Good luck on the Riding Hood ride! Can't wait to read all about it.

Kara said...

Amy, mostly I wear a helmet, but sometimes I do not. I always do when riding in traffic with cars. But on quiet bike-only pathways, I usually don’t feel the need to. Whether right or wrong, that is just what I do. It is a personal choice. The girls’ parents want them to wear helmets so they did, that was their choice.

Regardless, it was a lovely day for bike ride and to share time together as family.

Jodi said...

Looks like great fun! All your bike rides lately sound amazing.

Diane said...

Darling post Kara! Sometime I might just have to join you all!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a PERFECT day! TFS

Dottie said...

Always so beautiful to see your photos from that path. Looks like a fabulous family ride. I want your niece's t-shirt. You must be the cool aunt! :)

Sue said...

Lovely family Kara and beautiful ride.

It's probably too late for me to wish you good luck, but I hope all went well.

Amy said...

Kara, thanks for responding. I always just wonder why people choose not to wear a helmet.

I am envious of your flat, nice bike path in sunny Utah. (rainy, hilly PNW here...)

Adam and Bri said...

In the immortal words of Maggie ...

"I'm so excited!"

We love you. We love riding bikes with you.

caknitter said...

I'm just going to pretend I haven't read earlier post and say, GOOD LUCK!!

Danielle said...

Where is this bike path? I'm coming to Utah this summer and would like to ride it. Thanks.

Kara said...

Hi Danielle,

This the the Legacy Parkway Bike trail.

You can find more information here:,V:2274