Monday, June 2, 2014

Quick Craft: Corded Friendship Bracelets

What better way to welcome in summer than with an act of friendship. So I decided to make some friendship bracelets...for myself. Is that bad luck?

I found this bracelet tutorial on The Purl Bee (and this one). And since I now live in the same city as Purl Soho(!), I picked up some cordel cording in these fun colors.

Chinese Cording

Then I got braiding.

At the beginning

I used to make friendship bracelets back in the ye olden days of youth with embroidery thread. Guys, this is so much better. No more little knots that get all twisted. No more having a trails of threads pinned to your jeans all day long cause your bracelet is taking 4-EVA to finish. And the best part, you don't have to trade them with so-called friends that make truly ugly versions, but you totally feel obligated to wear because, I mean, you are good friend as the bracelet itself is attesting.

Anyway, these corded bracelets are a breeze. Plus, they have a big pop factor.

Friendship Bracelets

So there you go, a quick craft to jump into summer. Make a whole bunch and have yourself an arm party.

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Windybrook Spinner said...

Love these! I saw the Purl Bee post, but forgot about it already. Now I am determined to help my kids make some of these summer. Thanks for the inspiration. It is so awesome you can just walk into Purl Soho and buy the cording in person.